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Welcome to Dishang Group in Bangladesh

Welcome to Dishang Group in Bangladesh. Dishang Sweater Ltd. is the First Project in Bangladesh, another Project’s name is ACE APPAREL LIMITED. Here have a short descriptions about us:

Globally we are known by The Dishang Group ; Which is China’s largest export manufacturer of apparel and textiles, with a turnover in or excess of $1.5bn. 

The manufacturing base spans China, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh, to provide truly global solutions.
The Group also has a worldwide network of offices providing commercial, creative and technical support to our customers in over 50 countries.
We have 80 wholly-owned factories manufacturing a huge range of garments, and employ over 15,000 staff.

Dishang Group Chairman | Lihua Zhu


how the Dishang Group’s success is down to three factors:

“Firstly our volume strength is very important. Due to the size of the group we can secure the more competitive prices for our customers (when purchasing raw materials and components).

Secondly we offer in-house design expertise and have factories and internal teams that specialise in different products, meaning brands and retailers can come to us for everything.

And thirdly, we approach international markets differently with our own offices, which saves costs by cutting out the middle man.”

He also said,
“We offer in-house design expertise and have factories and internal teams that specialise in different products, meaning brands and retailers can come to us for everything.”

“We approach international markets differently with our own offices, which saves costs by cutting out the middle man.”

“Our volume strength is very important. Due to the size of the group we can secure the most competitive prices for our customers”

“Our regional offices are able to offer the cost benefits of dealing directly with a global manufacturer and the confidence of dealing with a knowledgeable and experienced local team”

We are proud members of the Sedex ethical compliance group. All units have full on-line and end-of-line Quality Control systems and adopt AQL inspection levels according to the requirements of each customer.

If you want to know more, you can visit on our WHAT WE DO page or contact with us.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2019

Let’s Celebrating Happy Chinese New Year 2019 – Year of the Pig

Happy Chinese New Year 2019

Today is Chinese New Year 2019 – Year of the Pig. There are 12 Chinese zodiac animals used to represent years. 2019 is the year of the Pig. Zodiac signs play an integral part in Chinese culture, and can be used to determine own or overall fortune for the year. Marriage compatibility, career fit, best times to have a baby, and so much more.

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Functions and Responsibilities of the Safety Committee


Last 16th April 2018 we’ve don Workers Participations Committee Election for Dishang Sweater Ltd. and made a New PC Committee. Under that Committee we also functionally started Our Safety Committee. According to the Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015 we’ve organized a Functions and Responsibilities of Safety Committee. Reference of the Rules are describing below:


[Vide rule 85]

Matters relating to safety committee

(1)Scope of the safety committee:

  1. To assist relevant owner of authority in the implementation process of law and existing other rules and regulations on professional health and safety matters of all including factories and firms and workers working therein;
  2. To identify professional risks and deficiencies related to health and safety as per check list prepared under this schedule and recommend to owner or authority necessary measures to remove them;
  3. To review matters related to ensuring professional health and safety the work place and workers therein, to recommend measures to the owner and the authority and to provide workers, employees and all concerned in this regard and raise their consciousness;
  4. To form firefighting, emergency rescue and first aid team as stated in the sixth chapter of these rules and to conduct training and rehearsal of them;
  5. To supervise, monitor implementation of provisions of law relating to professional health and safety and the committee’s recommendation, maintenance of reports and if necessary then to keep factories and firms ready for inspection by the department of inspection;
  6. To play due roles in light of policies and guidelines prepared by the ‘National Industry, Health and Safety Council” under section 323 and to assist the owners and authority in implementation of the policies;
  7. To implement trainings received on professional health and safety;
  8. Not to place any industrial dispute and not be included in any party over the industrial dispute.FFunctions Fun

(2)Functions and responsibilities of the safety committee:

(a) With the objective to duly comply with the special provisions and related rules as stated respectively in the sixth and seventh chapters of the act in factories or industrial firms, to prepare a guideline or instruction book with details of own responsibilities.

(c)Following matters shall be included in the guideline prepared under clause (a), namely:—

  1. Risk and safety related management of the firm:
  2. Identifying risky areas (like parts of building, stairs, premises, electric lines, machinery, etc) ;
  3. Nature of risk (like crack, gate locked during working hours, dangerous electric connection, etc) ;
  4. Risk level (like high/medium/general/not satisfactory);
  5. Assessment of immediate duties (like prohibition of use, immediate repair, reforms, closure);
  6. Assessment of necessary protection system in different nature and levels of risk; and (f)Assessment of technical and administrative liability.
  1. Machinery and procedure related management:
  1. Testing installation related aspects;
  2. Verifying method of running machinery;
  3. Assessment of duties in case of defective operation;
  4. Examining personal safety equipments and protection system; and
  5. Assessment of liabilities of wrong operation and proposals or recommendation.
  1. Management of dangerous smoke, explosives and combustibles:
  1. Assessment of nature of explosives and combustibles;
  2. Maintenance system;
  3. Assessment of practical and procedural defects;
  4. Examining personal protection system; (e)Considering environmental risks, and (f)Instructions and advice.
  1. Fire related management:
  2. Determining possible sources of fire;
  3. Prevention system;
  4. Preparing list of persons engaged in fire fighting and verifying standard of performance;
  5. Examining emergency exit management and assessing existing obstacles;
  6. Steps taken to immediately remove obstacles;
  7. Assessing standard of fire fighting equipments;
  8. Training or rehearsal; and (h)Proposal or advice.
  1. Accident related management:

(a)Review of likely disaster time situation in overall process environment and process; (b)Verifying or considering likeliness of incident at personal level;

(c)Plan of action of rescue operations in case of highly potential accidents; (d)Distribution of charges;

  1. Preservation of necessary materials or equipments in rescue operation and assessing immediate responsibilities;
  2. Contact with different organizations and coordinated plan;
  3. Enquiry into accidents taking place and assessing reasons;
  4. Assessing duties and liabilities;
  5. Recommendations and guidelines to prevent further accidents; and (j)Giving to accident-affected workers medical service and compensation.
  1. Management of sickness out of dangerous operation, professional illness and poisoning:
  2. Assessing dangerous occupations of the firm enlisted under rule 68.
  3. Preparing scheduled and enlisted chemical substances used in the firm;
  4. Ensuring obligation of health check-up of workers working in contact with hazardous occupations and harmful substances;
  5. Exchange of views with physicians over physical illness of workers in relevant occupation as learned through their routine check-up;
  6. Evaluation of overall health care, medication and compensation system applied over workers working in the relevant occupations; and
  7. Necessary advice and guidelines for development of health protection system.

(3)Arranging meetings:

  1. Meetings of the safety committee shall be held at least once in every three months, however, on emergency situations, a meeting may be convened at any time;
  2. The meeting shall discuss report on safety, occupational health and working environment or survey report, safety or risk related inspection or evaluation report, progress of implementation of emergency disaster plan and recommendations, etc plus other necessary issues;
  3. Proceedings of the meeting shall be recorded in writing and shall be kept ready for inspection by the firm or factory authority and inspector as and when they may think necessary.

(4)Preparing progress monitoring related checklist and report form:

  1. To ensure implementation of matters specified in the professional health and safety guideline or instruction book and to identify risks harmful for life and health of workers according to factory or firm’s production process, nature and use of raw-material-chemical and services, the safety committee shall prepare a check list;
  2. The safety committee shall monthly or quarterly submit to the owner or the manager a report along with recommendation in a prescribed form;

Provided, however, that if at any time it appears that any defects or deviations have been made or violation of the law or these rules done, then to solve it, recommendations in writing have to be submitted to the owner or the authority.

(5)Arrangement for education and training:

  1. The safety committee shall arrange for education and training for raising consciousness of all officers of the factory or industrial establishments including workers therein and all concerned;
  2. To ensure participation in the training of all departments, officers and workers of the factory or industrial firm, the owner side shall take necessary actions;
  3. All trainings and refreshers training shall be gratis and shall be arranged during office hours.
  1. Arranging rehearsal:

The safety committee shall arrange for regular training and rehearsal under subrule (10) and (14) of the rule 55 on prevention of earthquake, conflagration and other disasters and accidents.

  1. Preservation of information or database:
  1. The safety committee shall, for convenience of fastest communication with the safety specialists and firms of the country, preserve information or database with phone, e-mail, fax and addresses in detail;
  2. It shall maintain up to date all safely related laws, rules and regulations including those on professional health and safety, building code, electricity, fire extinguishing, environment laws etc.


  1. Submission of recommendations for treatment and realization of compensation:

For getting medical attention and realizing compensation in the accident stated in the twelfth chapter of the law, the safety committee may submit recommendations in writing to the owner or authority.

  1. Observance of a safe working place day

The safety committee shall take initiative to take up programs to observe the nationally or internationally declared ‘safe working place’ day at factory or industrial firm level or on area basis.

  1. The rules set by National Industry, Health and Safety Council:

The Safety Committee at institute/factory level shall work for implementing the national rules set by National Industry, Health and Safety Council and the guidelines issued from time to time.

  1. Jurisdiction, etc of the safety committee: Jurisdiction of the safety committee shall be as follows, namely:–
  1. The inspector shall, if on completion of inspection of the concerned factory or industrial firm, any opinion is left in the inspection report prepared by him over safety of the factory or industrial firm, send one of its copies to the firm’s owner and the safety committee within one month of preparation of the same;
  2. Majority of members of the safety committee may submit any special report to the owner or managing authority on their own signature without any meeting being held in case of any emergency;
  3. To resolve any problem on basis of recommendations of the safety committee, unless the owner or the authority takes any initiative within 7(seven) days next to receiving recommendations, then the safety committee shall lodge a complaint in writing with the inspector general or the inspector and the inspector general or any inspector authorized by him shall take necessary actions;

Still we believe,

One Day We Will be One of the Best Model Compliance Garment in Bangladesh and Our Welcome Page will be Helpful for Compliance Beginners